Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility is essential for the efficient and effective operation of any supply chain. The key ingredients for success are not so much technical as they are cultural. Collaboration, Trust andTransparency are vital and any technical solution must include all of these elements to be credible and capable.

Collaboration is Key

Partnerships and networks are the basis for the evolving global economy. As organisations embrace new business models and adapt to a customer centric world, outsourcing, just-in-time and built-to-order processes require a greater emphasis on collaboration.

Information Systems Collaboration

Many organisations find themselves with a variety of operational and support systems spread across the enterprise. They have resulted from departmental development, acquisitions and from the need for a short-term solution. The problem is that these systems all contain data that has some value, but may be of greater value if combined with data elsewhere in the organisation. The growth of industry standards for data exchange and the open protocols for communication, provides the opportunity to access this data and derive value from it. Large systems integration projects can seldom move fast enough to achieve the same goals, as organisations are changing too quickly.

Information 'On-Demand'

Today, customers are demanding greater choice in the products they buy. They also want them 'on-demand', often expecting immediate delivery. The vertically integrated enterprises were never designed to survive in such a 'demand-driven' world. They decided the products customers could have and also when they would be delivered, with limited customer choice. How companies adapt to this new environment will be critical to their survival. The key is in the management of information. Immediate access to the relevant data and the ability to share it with the appropriate parties will be a competitive advantage.

Trust and Transparency

Universal access to the Internet has fundamentally changed the way in which information can be delivered. Virtual Partners can help you to exploit these new techniques, improving information flow between you, your partners, your suppliers and your customers. This is achieved by drawing on a pool of industry expertise in logistics, supply chain management, Aerospace, Electronics and Information Services.

Connection means 'Context'

Recent developments in information technology have made the connection, capture and analysis of data much easier. In many organisations data is captured by a large number of different systems, however, any advantages that might be gained from a shared view of this are few and far between. This is not simply a case of systems integration; it is more one of 'understanding' and applying the relevant meaning or 'context'. Linking it together and applying the necessary context enables the exploitation of the real value of this data. The resulting information can then be shared across the organisation in ways not previously considered..