Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility is essential for the efficient and effective operation of any supply chain. The key ingredients for success are not so much technical as they are cultural. Collaboration, Trust and Transparency are vital and any technical solution must include all of these elements to be credible and capable.


Supply Chain Security

The Global Economy is an interconnected web involving physical goods, support services and information flows. As more nations are integrated into this commercial network, efficiency, agility and adaptability become key requirements. However, the tighter integration and interdependency of global supply chains make them very vulnerable to disruption and threaten the national security of all nations.



Assessing the strategic impact of major node failure on supply chains and global trade.

Identification of behavior patterns and processes used to exploit supply chain vulnerabilities.

Understanding dynamic demand signals across collaborative communities.


The Highlands Group

A strategic communications consulting network with extensive experience helping corporations, organisations, and government achieve their policy objectives. It also happens to be the best 'Ideas Factory' on the planet.

Transport Intelligence

Market Intelligence for the Transport and Logistics industry.

About Us

The company was established to deliver innovation and expertise into situations where people and organisations require solutions that extend beyond the traditional functional boundaries and processes.

We have worked with organisations and government agencies in the areas of Defence, Logistics, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Visibility and vulnerability. We have the expertise and track record to help you understand the opportunities created by collaboration, as well as any potential problems and how the risks can be reduced.

Like many innovative enterprises, Virtual Partners operates as a 'virtual company'. This means we focus on the best solutions for our customers, drawing on a pool of people and partner organisations to deliver value from our network of industry expertise.

The founders have over 30 years of experience in the delivery of informatics solutions into the logistics and supply chain management arena. We are recognized innovators and pioneers in many aspects of the application of information technology within the industry. We have worked across the globe for both commercial and government organisations. This provides a unique insight into emerging innovations, significant trends and their potential impact on operational effectiveness.